d’oh! nuts

Sometimes, my life surprises me.  Take for instance, doughnuts.  I am a baker’s daughter.  I grew up surrounded by amazing, fresh baked goods and confections.  My dad’s cookies are still in my dreams – butternut, peanut butter, oatmeal, but most of all he used to make kick-ass chocolate chip cookies.  So good, in fact, when I was a kid I wanted to bake some at home so I naturally asked for the recipe.  “If everyone baked their own chocolate chip cookies, I’d be out of business,” he replied.  Disappointed but I knew he had a point.   It wasn’t until years later that I actually made my own chocolate chip cookies (recipe from the infamous Mrs. Field’s chocolate chip cookie recipe hoax…hey, it was the 80’s).  After 20+ years, I’ve been able to fine tune that recipe and come up with something fairly close to my dad’s.  But I digress.

For 49 years, I had been a doughnut frying virgin.  Several reasons come to mind.  First, I don’t like to fry.  Well, eggs, yes.  Dough, no.   It’s messy.  It’s oily.  And I hate cleaning up oil spills.  Second, my dad’s doughnuts were the best.  Ever.  His glazed raised were my favorites.  Krsipy Kreme has nothing on my dad.  There were just sweet enough, light as air with just enough crunch when biting into the nut of the fried dough.  Making these at home, I just couldn’t go there.   So I surprised myself yesterday when I made a decision to attempt doughnuts at home.  I found a fairly easy recipe (I thank gawd for sending me Michael Ruhlman every cooking day) and, well, here are the results.

apple cinnamon d'oh! nuts


They came out pretty good, though it was tough to keep the oil at a constant 350 degrees.  I think this resulted in a browner and not-ideally-crispy crust.  They are passable (as long as I’m the only one eating them) for a first attempt.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the leftover oil.  And the clean-up.  Probably not going to make another batch of doughnuts for a while.

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