this little piggy needs roast beef

I just read about a mobile butcher shop, a pimped out vintage ex-ambulance meat truck, that sells fresh cuts of lamb, beef, chicken and pork.  Centrally located parked in Hayes Valley,  Avedano’s Meat Wagon is a great idea, particularly for those who don’t want to make the trek to the meat markets at the ferry building.  But wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were truly mobile – trolling the streets of San Francisco, blaring the This Little Piggy nursery rhyme over its loudspeaker, vending their fresh meats to the home-bound cooks?  Way back when, some 40 plus years ago, in the small Japanese community of South Central LA where I grew up, there was the fish truck. Though as far as I can remember they didn’t sell any meat that didn’t come from the ocean, the truck drove around the neighborhood (particularly the Japanese districts) selling fresh, dried, and smoked fish, plus various other seafood (and Japanese confections) every Saturday, playing what I vaguely remember as some Japanese folk song as their call and us kids screeching with delight as our response.

When I asked a childhood friend if she remembered what the fish truck was called, she replied, “We just called him, ‘the fish truck is here!'”

I scoured the internet for more information on these trucks but to no avail.  So I turned to culinary mentor – my father.

“They were called, ‘pedorahs.'”

What the heck is a pedorah?

“That’s what we called them.”

I asked my mom if she remembered what the fish truck’s name was.

“We just called them, ‘pedodah.'”

So back to Google to search information on “pedorahs.”  No luck.

I went back to my dad to ask him if he was sure that’s what they were called.

“Yea, that’s what your grandmother used to call them.”

It was then that I reached that “aha” moment.  “Pedorah,” spoken with a Japanese accent, becomes “peddler.”

I live in a great neighborhood – I’m in walking distance to a great market with amazing organic produce, a sizable bulk food section, a nice selection of beer and wine, but no meat.  I’m hoping the new meat pedodah can make it my way soon.


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