my personal cupcake war

I never understood the latest cupcake craze.  They’re just small cakes.  No big deal.  But block-long lines? Their own shows on TV?  Food trucks that sell nothing but cupcakes?  Come on!  I shake my head in astonishment, roll my eyes in annoyance.  They may look appealing with their bright colors and fondant decorations but frankly, looking at most of them make my teeth hurt.  “What could be better than a dreamy creamy cupcake?” you ask.  For me, it’s a little cookie – a crisp, round graham cracker, topped with a pillowy marshmallow, covered in chocolate, that you can only get on the east coast starting about when baseball season ends, and on the shelves til the beginning of spring training.   It’s the  little cookie that Harry Burns (of “When Harry Met Sally”) called “the greatest cookie of all time.” Yes, I will take a Mallomar over any cupcake any day.  Okay, on days when available.

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