a man with a lobster

After finishing up a few cocktails, a plate of silky (as Tisha put it) deviled eggs and roasted asparagus, we were readying to leave.

2nd floor bartender at Wayfare TavernTyler‘s in the kitchen if you ladies want a glimpse of him.

Me to Tisha and Alysia:  How did he know?

Tisha:  They must get that a lot.

2nd floor bartender:  If you stand on the landing, you have the best view of the kitchen (wink wink).

Tisha, Alysia, and I walk down to the landing overlooking the dining area and open kitchen, feeling a little like Charlie’s Angels (how can one not, when standing between Tish and Alysia, though I was looking more like Bosley) surveying the beach for the perpetrator.

I see a familiar face, standing by the cash register, holding a plate of…lobster!

Me, hitting Tish’s right arm:  There He is!  There He is!

He looks up for a brief moment, continues walking with plate o’ lobster, looks back up again, and I wave.  He smiles.  I giggle like a schoolgirl.

Yes, I’ll be back.

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