somebody call a vet ’cause this puppy is sick

The Loco Moco Burger at the newly opened  Social Kitchen in the inner sunset.

Prather Ranch beef, housemade Spam, grilled pineapple, mushrooms, fried egg and one ginormous onion ring.

Earlier this week, I finally made it to Giordano’s Bros. in North Beach,  home of the all-in-one sandwich.  I’ve been hearing about this place for the past four years since I started working in the area, but have never gone until last Wednesday.  The all-in-one includes various Italian deli meats, cheese, french fries, and cole slaw sandwiched between two thick slices of Italian bread.  I asked a co-worker/Giordano regular if it would be rude to take the french fries out and eat them separately.  “Yes,” he replied.  All those flavors in one biteful proved to be too much, and ended up taking the fries and slaw out and eating those afterwards.  And I remember thinking to myself that sometimes too much is just too much.

Fast forward to tonight.  I had heard about Social Kitchen’s Loco Moco Burger.  It’s already legendary, even though the restaurant’s only been open for less than a month.  Dare I try yet another all-in-one sandwich in their Loco Moco?  You betcha.   And it was good.  The whole shebang worked and all ingredients complemented each other perfectly.  After your meal, you will need to walk around a bit.  Good thing Golden Gate Park is just a few blocks away.

One Comment on “somebody call a vet ’cause this puppy is sick”

  1. Howard June 14, 2010 at 9:15 #

    What’s up with deconstructing the all-in-one sandwich? First, you go and put cole slaw and cheese ON a pastrami on rye, but then you take the cole slaw and fries OFF the all-in-one? New York, Pittsburg, I can’t wait to see what happens when you go to Philly and for a cheesesteak. 😉

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