note to self

If and when I plan next year’s Red, White and Blue Cheese party, I should remember to:

1.  cut out the “exotic” accouterments for the grilled cheese bar.  cheese, bread and butter are the only things people want.

2.  buy only interesting, unusual cheeses.

3.  if someone asks to bring something, kindly request no cheese.

4.  buy two loaves of baguettes, not one.

5.  cut the hours to 1:00 to 6:00.

6.  not use the good crystal.

7.  relax.  it’s only a party.

8.  last but not least, to have the presence of mind to take photos.

This year, for some reason, I was much more frantic than usual.  I sweated the small stuff (an Izumi trait), I was late in planning the menu, and I hadn’t been sleeping well to begin with.  (Probably a byproduct of the aforementioned.)

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