buy me some peanuts and sake

I may need to start going to more Giant games this season.

True Sake, the foremost sake purveyor (which happily is located in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley), just announced today in their newsletter that they will be setting up a sake stand at AT&T Park starting this season. This is good news for folks like me who will gladly partake in a cup (albeit, a plastic one) of good sake over an overpriced logo/calendar/promotional laden container of beer.

A few caveats had to be put in place in order to get them signed on. A few of them being:

• The “sake-vending stand” would have to be near a similar wine vending station.

• The stand will not be decorated in a traditional Japanese manner – featuring typical Japanese elements. (The color/presentation schematics will be modern and very “western” in scope.)

• The stand will offer a full-bodied Junmai to speak to red wine drinkers and a clean crisp Ginjo for white wine drinkers.

• The pour size will be 4oz and this will result in three pours per bottle.

• The sakes will be served very cold (35-40 degrees) on warm/hot days and (40-50 degrees) on cool/warm days. (I LOVE this!)

• There will be no nicknames or dumbed down names that become “locally” themed names for the sakes.

While I’m not sure how sake will go with hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, or garlic fries, I am 100% sure it deliciously melds well with pizza so I’m willing to give it a try. Unfortunately, the sake stand will only be on the Club Level (for now) so us bleacher bums will have to fork over some extra bucks to sit in the “good” section.  Anyone have an extra club level seat for me? First round’s on me.

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