It’s raining outside.  It’s been raining for the past week.  We need it.  But on this, the middle of a three day weekend, I was kind of hoping for some sun.  In my Meursault drunken state last night, I sang (to myself)  sweetly, “I just can’t stay inside all day, I gotta get out, get me some of those raaaaaays!  Everybody’s smiling, sunshine day!”   But when I woke up this morning and heard the pounding rain against my window, my first thought was this was the perfect brownie-making weather.  Okay, maybe that was my second thought.

My second foray included adding cardamon, lessening the water.  I changed the type of marmalade too (which, in retrospect, I should not have), as well as the olive oil (again, I shouldn’t have for taste sake, but will have to leave it in for convenience sake).

I am on the right track.  I think two or three more go-arounds should do it.

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