an inconvenient love

I am addicted.  Totally.  And it’s not something I’m completely happy about. It’s gonna cost me.  Oh, it’s gonna cost me.

A few weeks ago when Jim was in town, we walked the streets of Chinatown, peeking and ducking into all the little souvenir shops that line the alley wide streets.    My feet were beginning to tire so we made one last stop into Vital Tea Shop, to sample some warm goodness with all the tourists bellied up to the tea bar.  The tea man (for lack of a better word) was a bit of a showman, but friendly and funny.  He poured us about six different teas, all unique in flavor and emotion.  My favorite?  Milk Oolong.  Creamy, milky, buttery tea.   The foie gras of tea along with the price tag.  At 167 bucks a pound, it ain’t Liptons.  But, like all addictions, the first one is free, the second will cost you so I bought $20 worth, which equates to about an Altoid tin full.

I blew through that tea before you can say, “More please.”  I was desperate.   I wanted.  I needed.  I tend to shy away from Chinatown (for reasons unknown to mankind) but  found my solace in Aroma Tea Shop on Polk and Washington.  There they have not one, not two, but three different milk oolongs.  The owner poured me samples all three, and of course, I loved the most expensive of the bunch – the  Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong. Granted, it’s a little less expensive at $148 per pound but the taste seems richer, yet mellower (how can that be?) and I’m in love even moreso than the last tea.  This tea turns me into a giddy, blubbering schoolgirl with a college crush on her history teacher.  Just  paint “Love You” on my eyelids, slap me and call my tea, “Indie.”

Yep, the first one is always free.  The second will cost ya.  How inconvenient is that.

2 Comments on “an inconvenient love”

  1. Banjo Bandolas January 22, 2009 at 9:37 #

    Great tea piece…I will watch out for those evil tea slingers, trying to get me hooked with a free taste of heaven. How many of those poor unfortunate beings lining the streets of the tenderloin are there trying to scrape up the money for their next T-fix? And of course every time you go back it takes more to feed the hunger…loved the article.

  2. gfork January 28, 2009 at 22:41 #

    I’m glad to have one fan! 😉

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