peas out

I think I’ve finally found it. The Holy Grail of pot pies. And not just any pot pie. A LOBSTER pot pie.

Last night, we had a “pre-theatre” dinner last night at The Daily Grill and noticed the chalice on their prix fix menu. I asked the waiter if I can get that ala carte, to which his reply, “yes,” I took as a, “yeah, baby!”

The pie itself is something to behold. The crust was baked to perfection with a deep golden San Tropez tan and served in a charger sized shallow bowl. I dug in, tapping the flaky crust with a spoon, as if breaking the top layer of a crème brûlée. Bits of celery, carrots, and large chunks of lobster meat floating in a sea of buttery Béchamel and my favorite part – no peas. I didn’t think it would be in good taste to orgasm aloud in front of Mike and Leslie, though the feeling was definitely there.

If lobster is on one end of my nirvana spectrum, peas are on the other. They have no business being in pot pies, but yet, there they are, little mushy, sometimes squashed, sometimes dented, green orbs of blech. Swansons, Marie Callendar’s, Stouffer’s, and nearly all restaurant pot pies insist on ruining this dish.

I wish I had the where with all to take a photo, but I was too busy moaning. To myself, of course. I think.

2 Comments on “peas out”

  1. Den Shewman December 1, 2008 at 20:37 #

    I don’t suppose this was a Daily Grill in LA, was it?

  2. gfork December 2, 2008 at 7:19 #

    Nope, the Daily Grill in San Francisco.

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