dog in a blanket

A few weeks ago, Howard was selling various frozen food as a fundraiser for his stepdaughter’s school. Most of the items were of the dessert genre – various cheesecakes, brownies, cookies to stock up in your freezer just in case you have a few surprise visitors show up at your house. Since I tend to not only have nary impromptu guests over, I’m not one with a sweet tooth, so I glanced over the confections and on to what really caught my eye – frozen pretzel dogs. And not just any frozen pretzel dogs. Auntie Anne’s Frozen Pretzel Dogs. I ordered up a box of 1/2 dozen of those puppies, thinking they’d be the perfect meal when I get home from work too late to cook. With much anticipation, the dogs arrived last Thursday and not a day too late for this gimpy girl who was resigned to have lunch expensively delivered every day.


As Howard told me upon handing me the box, “Now you can send these dogs out and raise some money for you!”


1-1/2 minute in the microwave and viola! Lunch!


The dog wasn’t bad, though it did shrink quite a bit after nuking. One down, five more to go!

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