This past weekend, after I finished regaling a small group of people of my Le Bernardin experience and how amazingly sublime and astonishingly inspiring it was, someone commented that it’s hard to imagine spending that kind of money on great food, when a burrito from the corner taqueria can be as equally good. Well, not to take away from Cancun’s Super Veggie Burrito (which I believe is one of San Francisco’s jewel-in-a-tortilla)  or even my beloved pastrami sandwich at Katz’s – both of which can be as satisfying as any prix fixe menu at Chez Panisse but sometimes you just have to say, “What the f*ck,” and splurge. I don’t recommend this everywhere, however. There are a few highfalutin restaurants where I would not go back, but there are some places that whisper “Trust us,” and you just know that what you pay for, is what you’re gonna get. Premium sake is like that, unlike premium wine. (That, plus the fact that while sake can lead to dancing on tabletops, you’ll rarely wake up with a hangover. Maybe a little embarrassed, but you’ll see nary a pink elephant in sight.) All I can say is that I hope one day, whenever you can afford it, you’ll trust me in my trust in Chef Eric.

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