the bone

Ever since I opened up a friend’s copy of the book, My Last Supper, I have been obsessed with this one photo.  I was hoping for a similar shot of Tony’s pal, Eric Ripert, but no such luck.

Next week when I’m dining at Le Bernardin, maybe I’ll mention my disappointment to Chef Eric.  Yea, right, like he’s never heard that one before.


  1. my last supper « gfork’s plate - December 1, 2008

    […] course, upon opening the book, the first page I look for is Anthony and his bone (page 19). I read that he would prefer to have his last meal alone. Huh. That’s exactly what […]

  2. fancy feast « gfork’s plate - January 19, 2009

    […] Hudson Valley Foie Gras : I have only had foie gras a few times in my life and both times have been slightly underwhelming with visions of Mother Goose squawking while living in a tiny cage and being force fed through a long tube shoved down her throat. That all changed when I stopped by the HV booth and listened about Anthony Bourdain’s endorsement so I took a slice of toast and spread onto it the most buttery, delectable duck liver I could ever dream of. And I can dream pretty big.  Trust in The Bone. […]

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