Foodie is a label that people still attach on me, even though I insist I am not one. Okay, so I do somewhat gravitate party conversations to foods I’ve made, haven’t made, eaten or haven’t eaten but I am certainly not bougy about it. I do refuse to eat at all-you-can-eat sushiterias. I do own and use regularly my “vintage” kitchen accoutrements such as a 1985 KitchenAid mixer, and a 1982 Cuisinart.  BUT, I make no secret of my love of Big Macs, or even an inherited recipe called Sinful Potatoes which includes a brick of Velveeta cheese, butter coated corn flakes, and a frozen package of Ore Ida hash browns. To me, the term, “foodie” is about as derogatory as the name, “Yik Yak Oriental Salad” at Buckhorn Steakhouse. BUT, there is a side of me that is strangely aristocratic when it comes to cooking tools. Enter, my brand new $70 pair of cooking chopsticks. I’d coveted the ones Suzuki-san uses at Koo but have longed to own a pair myself so I hunted them down on the good old internet. Extra long for frying, stainless steel for sturdiness and hygiene – these are not your ordinary chopsticks. These are perfectly balanced stainless steel, sharp as a skewer, Made in Japan chopsticks with a gorgeous water buffalo horn bolster. I just want to spend the rest of my days rubbing my cheek against the coldness of the steel, the warmness of its handle. The only cooking utensil that can make me drool. It is the BMW Z8 of the kitchen drawer. But chopsticks not a foodie make. Right?


  1. my lover boy « - November 26, 2011

    […] – buying it, preparing it, cooking it, eating it.    Even the stores where I buy it, the gadgets and equipment used to prepare it, my pots and pans I cook it in, and the utensils and plates I eat […]

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