who said π?

Yes, yes. I know it’s been a while. Every day for the past few weeks I’ve been asking myself why I haven’t been motivated to write about one of my favorite pastimes. The hunger for writing had escaped me and I didn’t know why. Until today.

For the past two weeks, my Muni read (re-read, actually) has been “Life of Pi.” It’s a story about religion, fear and knowledge and a 16 year old Hindu boy floating about on a lifeboat…for a very long time. Hunger is prevalent in this story.  This vegetarian is forced to be a carnivore in order to survive.  I think this, somehow, has taken away the enjoyment of writing about the savory and the sweet.

Simultaneously, I have found my gastronomic muse once again in my brother. I came across a mac and cheese recipe contest and sent the info on to Garret. We’ve since been trading m ‘n c barbs back and forth, which has somehow inspired me not only to get back into writing, but to enter the contest, as well.  Must ready my recipe making chops for the upcoming Pillsbury Cook Off.

The deadline for online entries is five days away. Can’t write now. Must concoct.

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