Moe! Larry! Cheese!

There was a Three Stooges episode when Curly would go bonkers every time he’d see a mouse and the only way to remedy his craziness would be to feed him a piece of cheese.

I think Curly would have been nicely satiated in my houseful of guest mice yesterday at my 2nd annual Red, White and Blue Cheese 4th of July party.

30 hungry guests; plus over 20 delicious cheese and cheese dishes: Mezzo Secco, Montgomery’s Cheddar, Montegrappa, Manchego, Maytag Blue, Humbolt Fog, St Pats, Red Hawk, Tome de Haute Savoire, chocolate mascarpone and fruit, mushroom brie, gruyere, English cheddar, triple cream brie, blue cheese polenta, dates stuffed with goat cheese, strawberry, blueberry and cream cheese ice cream, fig and goat cheese ice cream; plus a homemade apple pie; plus Katz’s dry salami; plus Bocconlone’s Soppressata di Calabria dry salami; plus free flowing wine, beer, and sodas = one great, wonderfully gastronomic time.

I have always said that I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like (okay, maybe one I sampled at Cowgirl that left a horrible metallic aftertaste in my mouth), but by the end of the night, I was all cheesed-out and started to get the cheese spins. The last (but not least) guest to arrive was Chef, toting a bagful of ribs and accoutrements from his friend’s BBQ restaurant – Back Forty Texas BBQ. After a day of preparing, receiving, eating, and staring at nothing but dairy products, meat was a most welcomed sight. And it was goooood.




woop woop woop woop woop woop woop

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