dog days of summer

This past Saturday was undoubtedly one of the hottest days of the year (rescinding my previous post of saying Friday was the hottest day). The kind of day when you can just sit, not move an eyeball, but sweat buckets. Now that’s pretty bad, especially living in the city that comes with its own air conditioner.

Chef wanted to escape the heat of the deep east bay (and the kitchen) so he came over to the cooler side of the bay on Sunday, while surprisingly the temperature dropped a good 30 degrees from the previous day. I had made rezzies at one of my favorite comfort food eateries – Luna Park, for dinner. Pot roast and steak were in order for us, but the kicker of the night were the Carnival Dogs – three corn dogs of various sausages (one andouille, one knockwurst, one beef, I believe) along with three mustards (honey, dijon and grain) for dipping . The batter was light, crispy and sweet yet deliciously reminiscent of the hot dog on a stick I ate as a kid on the Redondo Beach Pier.  Served in a paper lined red plastic basket, of course.

Gotta love meat on a stick.

One Comment on “dog days of summer”

  1. The Jose June 26, 2008 at 16:03 #

    Not even joking, but I totally read the headline as Dong Days of Summer. Whhaaaa?! That’s what happens when you’re eyesight’s shot after playing Bejeweled all day!

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