happiness formula

Yesterday, June 20, was supposedly the Happiest Day of the Year. At least according to mathematician Cliff Arnall.

O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He = June 20

Mr. Smarty Pants einsteined the equation by figuring in the amount of time we spend Outdoors, plus our connection with Nature and Socialization, plus Childhood Positive Memories, divided my the mean Temperature, plus the upcoming Holidays Expected. Somehow, someway, this equals, well, yesterday.

I know at least a few people who were not subscribing to this idea, but for me, it was quite a happy day thanks to my dinner at Koo. The sea bream was absolutely divine, the black cod was sublime. But the Spoonful of Happiness, oh baby baby baby. Nirvana.

Yesterday was also the warmest day of the year. I believe temps in SF reached the mid 90s. I’ve been waiting for nature’s air conditioner to kick in but looks like there is no reprieve in sight. Snoopy is not welcomed here. Happiness is NOT a warm puppy. It’s a couple of spoonfuls.

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