I scream, you scream

True to my word, I trucked my frozen wares on Muni this morning for the office masses to feast upon.

I bring you, my lemon basil sorbet:

the juice of organic lemons, a dash of zest, chopped organic basil and simple syrup made with TJ’s organic cane sugar.

and what we were all waiting for (and what The Jose called “Homer Food”), my bacon and eggs ice cream:

Niman Ranch bacon that I candied with TJ’s organic brown sugar, half and half, egg yolks, caramel, a vanilla bean, a bit o’ salted butter, and roasted pecans.

Big thumbs up for both, though there were two definite camps of frozen dessert eaters – the “light and refreshing” club vs the “this is so bad for me, it’s good” gang.

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