I was a cookin’ and bacon fool

This past weekend seems to have been spent mostly in the kitchen. I did break in my new ice cream maker not once, but twice. First with a refreshing lemon basil sorbet, then with a heart stopping bacon and eggs ice cream (which actually turned out quite well…the real test will be with my co-workers/guinea pigs tomorrow…sooie!) – candied bacon sprinkled in a custard based ice cream. Also made some candied lemon peels and yogurt cheese.

In-between time spent in the kitchen, I did manage to take some time off to get my lamb on at the Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant way down yonder in the paw paw patch. While I was too excited (and hungry) to interrupt my dinner to take food photos, I did snap a pic of the comic book store across the street that had a humorous window drawing of Batman as a bat man.

One Comment on “I was a cookin’ and bacon fool”

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