city by the bay

When I used to work across from AT&T Park my train would offer at times, amazing views of all things bay: the San Francisco Bay, the East Bay, the Bay Bridge. Walking out the door of my home in the fog belt of SF called the inner Sunset I’d board Muni, sure that the sun was shining no where in the city. But more times than not, when the N Judah would come out of the tunnel after the Embarcadero station, rays of sunshine would envelop my train and warm the smile on my face.

As Muni would chug along the bay, I got to witness construction of a couple of medium sized buildings near the Bay Bridge right along the water. I soon found out these two buildings were to be restaurants and about a year later, opened Epic Roadhouse and the Waterbar. Last night I got to experience the Waterbar.

It’s not often I get to eat on the waterfront, let alone in a posh seafood restaurant on the waterfront. Yuppies filled both the indoor bar and outdoor patio. Wealthy blue hairs and rich dot com-ers filled the dining room. Live Maine lobsters and Dungeness crabs filled the long tanks that dotted the walkway to the back dining area. Everything about the restaurant said, “crisp and lively.”

I squealed in delight as I saw they had my favorite Beausoleil oysters and after splitting a half dozen of those buttery little creatures, and a half dozen of the larger but just as smooth Preston Points, I was a happily immersed in my see-food diet. Next came my black cod seared perfectly on the outside, flaky and tender on the inside, surrounded by tiny cockles and lentils, swimming in a curry coconut broth. My friend ordered the white sturgeon that looked quite tasty, but the wedges of beets and the beet vinaigrette (I am not beet crazy) kept me from tasting it. (He said it was delicious so I’ll take his word for it.) We finished our meals with a Brownie Brown Sugar Parfait which was light and fluffy as can be, and a Warm Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding Cake that gushed chocolate lava each time my spoon broke into the cake. I’m not a big chocolate person, but ordering this dessert gave me a good excuse to have a glass of 20 year old Taylor Tawny Port. What a winning combo.

After all the food, I took a deep breath and stared out of our window seat, overlooking the Bay Bridge and the water and watched a squadron of pelicans do a fly by. A private aerial show. I was convinced at that moment, not that I ever really needed convincing, that San Francisco is not only a wonderful gastronomical town, but a beautiful and breathtaking town to live in. And there was no where else Id rather be.

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