tassles not included

Sunday nights have traditionally been burger night with my friend Bruce and I. We generally save up our red meat eating tendencies for this one night a week at our favorite burger joint – Bill’s Place in the Richmond. Bill’s is a wonderful family-run soda fountain/diner that’s been flipping burgers since 1959, a true San Francisco institution.

“I think I’m so hungry I could eat TWO burgers,” exclaimed Bruce tonight. “A Doda Burger?” I questioned. “Ah! Yes!” The seed had been planted. Fighting not only the usual parking woos in the Richmond, but Bay to Breakers parking woos in the Richmond, as well, we were on a mission. Circling around numerous times, surviving several fake out attempts, us vultures were ready to kill for food. Alas, we found a space, thank goodness, since I rather like to have someone else kill my food for me.

I ordered my semi-regular Jack Hansen Burger – a cheddar cheeseburger on an English muffin, and yep, Bruce ordered the famed Carol Doda – named after the famous topless dancer.

While Bruce couldn’t say whether or not the Doda Burger was better than Bill’s other burgers, the presentation did outwit all the others.

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