the whip

Jim is a gadget lover. As Seen on TV is a store he’s stepped foot in on more than one occasion. He’s enthralled by cooking demonstrations at conventions. A quick trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond could turn into a two hour shopping excursion. I am amazed at his kitchen gadget collection he’s amassed over the years, but particularly with one he purchased for a few bucks at Ikea – a battery operated frother. It works quite nicely when you want to whisk up some milk or cream for coffee and he happened to have an extra one which he generously gave me.

Fast forward a few days later at Terminal 8’s security checkpoint at JFK. “Excuse me, ma’am. Is this your suitcase?” “Um, yes,” as visions of them throwing out my newly bought $20 lip gloss, or diamond sharpened tweezers danced in my head. “Step over here, please,” she asked as she took my luggage aside and opened it. She ran her rubber-gloved hand around the inside perimeter, seemingly knowing where to look for my dangerous contraband. Of course, she found it and pulled it out. She looked at the culprit inquisitively, holding it up and inspecting it from all sides. “Ah, cappuccino!” exclaimed the gentleman standing in back of me. The TSA worker giggled, showed it to her supervisor, apologized and waved me, my suitcase and frother on.

It could have been worse.


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