fancy a cuppa

I woke up this morning craving a nice warm cup o’ joe. In its stead, I brewed myself a cup of PG Tips, which I think, as far as I could tell, satiated 87.7% of my java hunger.

Monkey, the PG Tips spokeschimp, used to be a live animal (think Lancelot Link), but the company has since replaced him with a sockchimp. While I do miss the the old monkey, the new one does have his charms. Next week I’ll be in New York, the city where I broke my No Coffee resolution before and fear it would happen again on this upcoming trip. But maybe if I arm myself with a few bags of PG Tips, I’ll keep this year’s resolution. So help me Monkey.

Three stirs clockwise, two stirs back, one and three quarter sugars and show it the milk.


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