it’s not always about the food

Tonight I had a fantastic dining experience. But it wasn’t about the Niman Ranch burger (as good as it was) or the crispy steak fries (just the way I like it) or the micro-brewed dark Belgian pint. I had dinner with my ex-assistant, Glenn, whom I hadn’t seen in a few months. He was fulfilling an internship in Boulder this past Fall/Winter and for a guy who’s never really been out of California, let alone the Bay Area, it was an eye-opening experience and he soaked in everything that he could like a sponge. He’s a real up and coming mover and shaker copy writer in the ad world and I’m really proud of him. He’s like the baby brother I never had, although he could kick the jujitsu out of me if he wanted to. I had forgotten what it was like to bask in the youthful excitement and creative exuberance of someone who was truly ecstatic about the work they’re doing and it was definitely a high being around that. Not to mention he’s truly one of the most decent human beings I know. And being around all that, just made my meal.

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