who would you like to have dinner with? (alive or dead) and what would you eat?

  • My maternal grandmother (if only just to see her again) – her spaghetti (sorry Bachan, you’ll have to be the cook.)
  • Louis Armstrong – pork ribs, New Orleans style, of course.
  • Lou Gehrig – a hot dog at Yankee Stadium.
  • Lyle Lovett – steak and eggs.
  • Abraham Lincoln – sushi during a day game at Dodger Stadium. Don’t ask me why.

2 Comments on “who would you like to have dinner with? (alive or dead) and what would you eat?”

  1. the jose February 2, 2008 at 0:50 #

    Sonny Rollins – Who @$#%^ cares, it’s a meal with a living legend, a jazz icon, the Saxophone Colossus! Dude, did you really drop out of music for a while and spend all that time practicing under the Brooklyn bridge?! He was actually asked that question and his response was something like this: “Well, when your contemporaries are named Miles Davis and John Coltrane, you’d better know what you’re doing.” Awesome.

  2. Jason February 13, 2008 at 15:04 #

    On a political theme:

    1. Hillary Clinton — I’d eat salad, to try and impress her with my light eating habits.
    2. Barack Obama — I’d eat soup, so that I wouldn’t miss out on what he has to say with my loud chewing.
    3. John McCain — I’d have Vietnamese food, just to see if I could induce a flashback.
    4. Mike Huckabee — I’d have marshmallows, because I think he’d have a hard time resisting them.

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