Kumar grows up. sort of.

Feasting on chicken tikka while watching, The Namesake (aka “that nah-may-sah-key” movie). Inhaling a veggie burrito while watching, Spanglish. Regaling thoughts of indulgence with a “Don’s Burger” while watching Year of the Dog. Good weekend, culinary wise.

I couldn’t get past Kal Pen’s Kumar character while seeing his more adult role in The Namesake. He’ll always be the stoner searching for his White Castle fries (only comes in one size) to me. I likened this to Neil Patrick Harris’s Doogie Howser, who coincidently was also in Harold and Kumar.

Spanglish was a surprise to me. I think the movie suffered from its title. It sounds like it should be a movie filled with mangled Spanish and cringe-inducing mispronounced English, but it’s actually not. While it touches on the lost-in-translation between the two languages, it’s also about the miscommunication between English speaking characters. Since Thomas Keller was a “culinary consultant” on the film (Adam Sandler’s character is a four-star chef), I did expect food to come into play a bit more but either way, I thought the movie was enjoyable.

Year of the Dog…ugh. Molly Shannon as a carnivore who converts to veganism and becomes an animal rights activist after her dog dies, but has no problem feeding her newly adopted dogs plain-wrap dog food from the grocery store. I don’t think so.

I am still looking forward to sinking my teeth into a juicy burger at Bill’s Place.

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