bad service, bad coffee

I regrettably just succumbed to the convenience of the “roastery” that I had previously mentioned.

Since I gave up leaded coffee as of January 1, 2008, I still crave a hot cuppa joe, especially in the morning. I initially thought I missed that experience of drinking something warm upon wakening, holding that aromatic liquid filled ceramic between my palms while I stared out into the gray skies of the inner sunset. But, I was wrong. I missed the taste – the smooth, ever-so-slightly acidic Sumatra, Kona or Italian Roast, hitting my tongue, holding it in my mouth for a few seconds before letting it dribble down my throat. So on this rainy afternoon, I ventured to the “Bad Service, Good Food” cafe and ordered a large decaf soy latte. At $2.50 (according to the chalkboard sign above the espresso machine), I thought it to be a good bargain. When the cashier told me, “That’ll be $3.75,” I exclaimed, “But the board says $2.50!” “That for medium. You ordered large.” I was about to argue that there are only two sizes listed on the chalkboard before she showed me the three cup sizes – small, medium, and large. “And it’s 50 cents more for soy milk,” she added. Of course, that cost is not listed on the board, either. So obviously they are doing business under the guise of the “don’t tell, unless they ask” policy.

I took my latte in hand after having to begrudgingly pay $1.25 more then expected. I sat down, fired up this laptop and took a swig. Bleah. I shoulda ordered a hot chocolate.

Bad service. Bad coffee. And the tip jar remains empty.

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