what’s for dinner?

The decision on what to have for dinner (or much more in my case, where to go for dinner) is a universal question that passes the minds of millions each night. On one hand, it is a rather haughty thought, given there are 800 times that amount of people in the world who can’t afford to eat dinner in the first place. But on the other hand, and for sake of this post, it is fascinating how you or I come up with the answer to the one single question we are presented with every night so let’s stick with the question at hand.

My usual M.O., when out and about at say around 6:00 PM, is I will generally present the question first of my dinner companion(s) – “What are you in the mood for?” Which may or may not be met with the reply – “Burgers.” Or, “Pizza.” Or, “Chinese.” Or, “Pho.” Or, “Curry.” (And if it’s the latter, I will in turn will ask, “Japanese, Thai or Indian curry?”) Or their answer can be more locale specific – “Bill’s Place.” Or, “Gaspare’s.” Or, “Old Mandarin Islamic.” Or, “Yummy Yummy.” Or, “<insert favorite curry house here>.” Many times I’ll receive a far-out blank stare followed by an, “I don’t know.” But on that very rare occasion, I may offer up my own suggestion right off the bat if I have a strong propensity for a particular food item. While this does have its advantages, mainly satisfying my craving of the moment, it empowers me – showing others that I know what I want and I know where to get it. “I want the caprese salad (otherwise known as “crack salad” because it is soooo good) at Brickhouse!” I may exclaim. Howbeit, as Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” More than once, or even a handful of times, have I given my eating associates the bum steer and ended up with egg (or cold soup, gamy meat or stale bread. Pick your poison.) on my face. Bad service at good restaurants. Good service with bad food. Bad food at bad restaurants.

What’s a girl to do in this town of a gazillion restaurants?

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