duck! 2: electric boogaloo

Two animals have been on my mind of late – the duck and the tiger.  The duck, because it seems to be the subject of the day(s), at least for me.  The tiger, because on Christmas day there was a mauling at the San Francisco Zoo (a teen boy was killed by an escaped, errant tiger).  But for purposes of this blog, I’ll stick with the incredible, edible duck.

 I think any city that homes a number of Celts, has a Mucky Duck, be it a pub, inn, or restaurant .  From Fort Myers, Florida, to Houston, Texas, to Poulsbo, Washington, the Mucky Duck is a place where friends gather for a brew, a game of darts, or to rest a weary head.  The Mucky Duck in San Francisco is a place where I met a friend for a few drinks and spoke of the tiger attack.  “How surreal it would be to see a tiger strolling freely about,” we both agreed.  Looking about, I thought this working class pub seemed a bit out of its element – on the same block is a restaurant that follows an omega-3 diet plan, a vegan cafe, a co-op bakery, and my favorite neighborhood Thai restaurant – Sukhothai.

Which brings me to another type of duck – duck fried rice.  I must admit, I am anti-rice.  Not that I dislike it, I view plain white rice as a filler (along the same lines as lettuce in a sandwich) and unnecessary -unless it’s fried.  My mom always used leftover white rice as the base for her comforting fried rice, adding in onions, eggs, and whatever leftover meat there was, usually beef or if no leftover meat was to be had, she’d fry up some bacon and toss the bits in with the rice, the fatty goodness giving the rice that extra yum factor.  Sukhothai takes it one step beyond, using duck skin and meat slices for a delicious but undoubtedly not-so-healthy dish.    But it tastes soooo damn good.

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