It’s time to be happy again

If you ask chefs why they like to cook, most will answer, “I like to see people happy.” Open kitchens are as much a voyeuristic experience for the diner as it is for the chef.  When I eat good food, really good food, my happiness quotient shoots up. I smile. I giggle.  I jump around in my seat.  I’m in heaven. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten a truly sublime meal. I’ve had a number of these in New York City, one in Los Angeles (twice, in fact, at the same restaurant – a rarity for me), one in Vancouver, one in Seattle. But none – none in San Francisco. I’m about due.

A lot of what makes a meal absolutely divine, is not only the food but the company you’re with. But I have had average meals, in top notch restaurants, surrounded by my best friends. And I have eaten amazing food, in greasy spoons…alone (and both relishing the fact I was solo and wishing I could share the eating experience).

Yep,  I think I’m due.   But where and when?

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